Aceys Team

Emily Lutzker, Aceys co-creator  Emily Lutzker’s current mission is to elevate people in the arts and give them a voice. A recovering artist and former academic, Emily caught the startup bug and became an entrepreneur, then fully embraced her corporate calling to lead creative and design strategy, brand and service design projects. Feeling the call of the arts, she came back to apply her business skills to the cultural sector. Follow her on twitter @lutzker.

Wil Masisak, Aceys co-creator  Wil Masisak started in film, studying under zombie pioneer George Romero and working for Academy-award winning director Ron Howard. He then enjoyed some unexpected success in music with his band Chaz’s charting R&B single, I Want To Talk To You, multiple DownBeat Magazine deebee awards and a short stint in Play That Funky Music‘s Wild Cherry. He is a multiple DownBeat Magazine deebee Award-winning composer and performer. His songs, music scores have been featured in multiple films, including Ed & Tina, My Favorite Movie, and webseries Head Diva.

Wil’s flatTIGER Films has produced Interactive spots for Sony Playstation, commercials for Better Oats and American Public Television, plus webseries Apartment Hunters. Wil’s narrative work as a writer-director includes comedy feature My Favorite Movie, short films My First Toy Company (official selection and award finalist, TriggerStreet Film Festival), Juggling: an Introduction to the Filmmaker, and a webseries episode for Head Diva: Good Head Hunting. Follow him on twitter @AccidentalZen