Aceys Origins and Future

The Aceys began in Miami Beach Florida as Emily Lutzker and Wil Masisak discussed their allegiance with the #OscarsSoWhite trend over strong cafe cubanos. As the magical brown elixir of life took effect, the two chatted about an alternative awards program where artists–the people whose primary vocation is to create and inform culture–could vote for the films they thought were remarkable. This artists choice award concept would be a platform for the creators and contributors of culture to have a voice for achievements in culture of their peers. Lutzker and Masisak ordered a couple of pastiletos de guayaba, logged onto the wifi, and The Aceys was born.

The two founders created a Facebook group for voting members, and Facebook page for the public, which also served as the main platform for the first annual Aceys Awards for Film. To accompany this, they created a preview video of the nominees with commentary by arts professionals, and in subsequent weeks organized online voting via web form. The voting was tallied, and awards videos produced with special guest artists announcing the winners.

The 2nd annual Aceys Film Awards is just gearing up – with this new beautiful new website, and some a growing team who are contributing their time and energy to the project. We are looking forward to the future!

In this bright future, we would like to have Aceys Awards for television and serial media, music, literary arts, fine arts, and dance.

About The Aceys

The Artists Choice Awards are inclusive awards, recognizing achievements in film as voted upon by people working in the arts.
Artists of many disciplines nominate and vote on outstanding achievements, with bylaws that guarantee inclusion of overlooked, under-appreciated, and non-mainstream artists and productions. Voting membership is by invitation or application, available to artists of all disciplines and those working in fields that support creative work.