Who gets to be an Aceys Voting Member?

If your main vocation is in the arts and you consider yourself part of the community that creates culture, then you qualify! You can be a filmmaker, musician, fine artist working in any medium, dancer, actor, choreographer, writer, poet, performer, composer, or some other practice we forgot to mention. Educate us!

How do you know if I’m an artist?

We realize this is a difficult line to draw so here are some guidelines.

If you make your living from your artwork, then fantastic, congratulations, you are an artist and qualify for membership!

If you don’t make your living from your work, do you:

a) have a job just to support your artistic endeavors? or
b) consider yourself a xxxxx (job title) and someone who makes art on the side?

If you answered yes to the above question b, sorry, for The Aceys, you don’t qualify for membership.


I’m still confused… then how about this one:

Have you shown your work, performed, or published in the last year? Yes? Then…

I’m an artist! How do I apply for membership?

Visit this facebook group and ask to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aceys/
We will do some research on you.
If you are not on facebook, send an email with some info about your artistic endeavors to: membership@theaceys.org

I’m a designer (or architect, or stylist, or fashion designer, or art therapist) do I qualify?

Sorry, not today. Our voting members are people who dedicate their life to asking questions, rather than giving answers or solving puzzles, no matter how creative. We subscribe to Milton Glazer’s definitions as described here:
“Design has nothing to do with art”: Design legend Milton Glaser dispels a universal misunderstanding