3rd Annual Aceys Awards Categories!

Welcome to Awards Season!

Believe it or not, we’re already onto year three of the Aceys Artists’ Choice Film Awards.
Please help make this year’s Aceys a reality by nominating the best performances and achievements in 2017 films. The nomination form is here.

All films with a theatrical release or debuting on streaming services in the 2017 calendar year are eligible, regardless of country of origin, length, or subject matter.

This year’s awards categories are as follows:

Best Performance in a Major Role (10 nominees)
Best Performance in a Minor Role (10 nominees)
Best Performance by a New or Overlooked Talent  (5 nominees)
Best Performance by an Ensemble (5 nominees)
Excellence in Cinematic Beauty & Technical Achievement (5 nominees)
Excellence in Sound Recording, Edit, & Mix  (5 nominees)
Excellence in Music: Score, Songs, or Soundtrack (5 nominees)
Excellence in Production Design and Art Direction (5 nominees)
Excellence in Costume Design and Wardrobe (5 nominees)
Excellence in Hair and Makeup (5 nominees)
Best Analog or Digital Special Effects (5 nominees)
Outstanding Stunt Ensemble (5 nominees)
Excellence in Editing (5 nominees)
Best Original Film Concept or Story (5 nominees)
Best Script Adapted from Other Work of Fiction or Nonfiction (5 nominees)
Best Original Screenplay (5 nominees)
Excellence in Directorial Debut (5 nominees)
Excellence in Direction: Overlooked or Alternative (5 nominees)
Excellence in Direction (10 nominees)
Outstanding Film: Animated (5 nominees)
Outstanding Film: Short or Experimental (5 nominees)
Outstanding Film: Documentary (5 nominees)
Outstanding Film: Comedy (5 nominees)
Outstanding Film: Musical (5 nominees)
Outstanding Film: Art House or Limited Release (5 nominees)
Artistic Achievement In Film Award:Top Prize (10 nominees)

Voting Members receive the link for nominations and voting via our Facebook group.
Request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aceys/

The nomination form is here.

Nominee process:
The top number of nominations in each category qualifies the nominees.
The final nominee is subject to the Underdog Rule.
Nominees will be listed on final ballot in alphabetical order.

Award Category Rules:
All categories will include at least one “Underdog Nominee” that has qualities or status typically overlooked by the Academy of Arts

Additional award categories can be added at any time by vote of the Board of Directors at the suggestion of 5 members.

The Underdog Rule:
If any category does not include one “Underdog” (underrepresented person) the final nominee goes to the top ranking Underdog in that category. The Board reserves the right to present any film or performance for nomination. Similar to the NFL’s Rooney Rule.

Award determination process:
Each of the nominees is entered into the award process and returned to the member voters for consideration for the prize in each category.
Members can elect to vote in one or as many as all of the categories.

The final voting members are required to have watched any nominees they nominate or select with final votes. This is based on an honor system.

The winning motion picture in each category is selected based on the number of votes received.

Nominations and voting ballots can be altered after submission —but only up until the posted deadlines.  Any ballot alteration after the posted deadline will not be counted.